At J.C. Karate Ministries we share the full program prices and costs to our students at the time they sign up with us. This includes all test fees, equipment fees, potential discounts, dues, and anything else that our students might have to pay for. We are a family just like yours and understand the importance of being able to budget. We are proud to be the one of the lowest cost school in Hernando County. Also, since we are a ministry we are willing to work with families.

One Night Per Week = $30 per month  
Two Nights Per Week = $45 per month  

We are also working with local businesses and individuals to create sponsorship programs for students that might not be able to afford martial arts training. If you would like to know more information about this program or if you would like to donate to this program feel free to contact us. It is our desire that this training be available for everyone.

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